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Yacht and boat cleaner- ShipCLEAN 10L

SAL ShipCLEAN is a new type of high-performance cleaning concentrate for all applications in the yacht and boat area above the waterline.

21,95 EUR
2,20 EUR per L
CRUST-free 250 ml
Effective but gentle. Dissolves the toughest incrustations in the oven, baking trays, grill grids, microwave and the inside of the glass without chafing.
9,99 EUR
4,00 EUR per 100ml
Stainless steel miracle
High-tech stainless steel care emulsion on a "cosmetic" basis, optimal protection and care of matt, brushed and shiny stainless steel surfaces, reduces grease, dirt and water stains as well as fingerprints.
9,95 EUR
3,32 EUR per 10ml
Window cleaning miracles

Universal window cleaner, brilliant shine, absolutely free of streaks and residue, turbo fast.

14,95 EUR
2,99 EUR per 100ml
Stone cleaner
For cleaning stone slabs, terraces, stone stairs, gravestones, also suitable for high pressure cleaners.
13,99 EUR
5,60 EUR per 100ml
SAL ALL-Star 10L canister

Is a highly concentrated and highly effective alkaline cleaning concentrate.

22,50 EUR
2,25 EUR per L
Descaler for fittings

This will make your aerators clean and free of limescale again.

9,95 EUR
3,98 EUR per 100ml